Records Storage

Records Storage
Records Storage
Records Storage

What is Records Management?

  •  Records Management ensures that an organization can find what they need when they need it in a cost-  effective manner.
  •  Records must be maintained throughout a lifecycle that includes creation, use, maintenance and archival  stages.
  •  The cost of records management includes the cost of creation and replication; the cost of storage throughout  the life cycle, and the cost of access.
  •  Accessing records can be quite simple and inexpensive if the record is properly indexed.


Why Should I do It?

 Regulatory Compliance
  • The government requires us to keep certain documents to prove activities.
 Litigation Avoidance
  • Businesses must prove that it has acted in good faith in courts of law.
 Best Business Practice
  • Auditors and CPA's recommend that you maintain good audit trails as proof of sound business operation.

In order to determine your organization's records management requirements it is necessary to perform a survey.

The survey determines how you currently manage your records and what improvements might assist you in the development of a professional records management program.

The survey is cost free and the results will be valuable to you.
Call us today to schedule your survey at (740) 775-6683.


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