Category: Portable Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer insurance for my belongings?

You are responsible for securing your items while in the storage container at your residence. Sometimes, your homeowners insurance will provide coverage while at your residence and in transit; we recommend you check your policy. If you are storing your items at our warehouse, you can request contents insurance coverage through a third-party provider

How much space is required for delivery?

The average space required for delivery is equal to two parking spots.
The container alone will take up the size of one average parking spot

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, they can be rented on a month to month basis

How can I secure my items?

Our portable storage containers offer features superior to the competition, providing more tie-down rings with unique design and positioning to help you secure your things in just the right place. The interior has a smooth surface to protect against nicks and scratches. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the belongings you value will be protected against shifting while being stored or moved.

How big are the portable containers?

8ft Long 16 Ft Wide 8 Ft High

Where will you put the container when you deliver it?

For convenience, safety and security, we recommend placing your storage container in your driveway whenever possible. Placement on the street is another option. In either case, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and complying with any and all local ordinances.

Do I need to be home when you drop off my storage container?

No, just let us know where you want the container placed and make sure there isn’t anything blocking the parking space.

How much weight can a container hold?

While our moving and storage containers hold up to 7,500 pounds, most of our customers typically get 4,000 to 5,000 pounds in the storage container due to item size and packing constraints. If you load your storage container with typical household belongings, you are not likely to exceed the 7,500 pound weight limit. However, if your storage needs include lots of books, magazines, tools, tool chests or other heavy items, remember to be careful to not exceed the maximum weight and that you may not be able to use the entire container’s available space.

I am not moving can I still use portable containers?

Absolutely, you can use containers for more than just moving
Some examples: Renovating, Downsizing, Selling a house, Archiving, Emergency repairs