Records Storage

Records Storage

What is Records Management?

  • Records Management ensures that an organization can find what they need when they need it in a cost- effective manner.
  • Records must be maintained throughout a lifecycle that includes creation, use, maintenance and archival stages.
  • The cost of records management includes the cost of creation and replication; the cost of storage throughout the life cycle, and the cost of access.
  • Accessing records can be quite simple and inexpensive if the record is properly indexed.


  • Regulatory Compliance
    The government requires us to keep certain documents to prove activities.
  • Litigation Avoidance
    Businesses must prove that it has acted in good faith in courts of law.
  • Best Business Practice
    Auditors and CPA’s recommend that you maintain good audit trails as proof of sound business operation.
Records Storage

In order to determine your organization’s records management requirements it is necessary to perform a survey.
The survey determines how you currently manage your records & what improvements might assist you in the development of a professional records management program.